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Probiotic Clear Skin Facial

Probiotic Clear Skin Facial Treatment

*CALM & SOOTHE inflamed acne
*ELIMINATE bacteria that causes acne
*BALANCE hydration preventing dry out that causes excess oil production & clogged pores
*NOURISH your face with all NATURAL, high quality ingredients designed for acne sufferers to ENHANCE healthy skin! 

The Acne Prone Skin Solution!


Probiotic Cleanser: 

Cleanse & purify with cooling properties of cucumber & tea tree oil. Moisturize with sweet almond milk & exfoliate with yogurt to deep clean pores without stripping the skin of hydration. 

Key Ingredients * Cucumber juice, yogurt, sweet almond milk, tea tree oil, willow bark extract ( anti inflammatory) 

•Oxygenated Exfoliant: 

Gently remove impurities, softening skin texture, eliminate bacteria with O2 boosting foam, nourish with nutrient rich micro-greens. 

•Probiotic Masque:

For sensitive acne prone skin. 

Clarify & calm inflamed skin with cooling properties of cucumber juice, nourishing probiotics of yogurt to heal, stimulate cell turnover & collagen release in the epidermis to boost subtle & glowing skin. 

Clear Skin Moisturizer:

Ultra light detoxifying moisturizer to refresh & cool acne prone skin. Tea tree oil properties provide anti inflammatory, long term results revitalizing your face & new found confidence! 


Enjoy a shoulder, neck & scalp massage included with your Probiotic Facial Treatment


  • $75.22 +hst = $85

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