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Facial Lift Beauty Cupping

Facial cupping is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage, and aging. It is completely safe to use since it does not involve surgery and long recuperation time, chemicals or any other potentially harmful and painful procedures. Facial cupping has been used by many people across Europe, Russia and Asia and is found to be very effective in eliminating wrinkles and lending a smooth, texture to the skin. Facial cupping is done using customized cups that are specifically designed for treatments on the face, neck and upper chest. 

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The reverse technique that is applied with cupping works to gently lift the facial tissues.The effects can have several aesthetic benefits that work on both, dry and oily skin. Here’s how:

  • Drainage of fluid in the lymph glands results in reduced edema and puffy appearance.

  • Better nutrition brought to the skin helps bring a young glow to the skin. Any beauty products used post-treatment are absorbed better and are more effective.

  • The lifting motion reduces the visible fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring because of injuries or acne. The skin also looks plumper. Further, the connecting tissue under facial skin is stimulated so that it heals and reduces smile and laugh lines.

  • Massaging movements help relax tense facial muscles resulting in a softer, younger appearance.


  • Facial Beauty Cupping 75 minutes   $80
    See Signature Facial Skin Care Package Rates

    Enhance your appointment ~ add on 

    *Warm Hydrating Foot Wraps $10 add
    *Indian Head Massage $65 30 minutes


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