Massage Therapy at Hands on Health Niagara Port Colborne

Compassionate Care ~ Massage Therapy for Special Needs

Our experienced Massage Therapists at Hands on Health offer specialized, compassionate care through massage therapy for patients with special needs. 

We customize care for adults or children with developmental delay, intellectual disabilities or cognitive loss and children with behavioral challenges affecting their emotional, mental or physical abilities.
We provide a supportive treatment creating a positive and trusting experience for those that may benefit from stress or pain reduction generated from therapeutic touch.

Support workers or primary care providers are welcome to attend intital appointments and ongoing visits as needed. We have many treatment options to accommodate emotional and/or physical limitations with comfortable, hydraulic treatment tables, therapeutic treatment chairs, specialized pillowing and over the clothing treatment options to maintain a confident comfort level.



  • 30min, 45min Relaxation or

    30min Chair Massage Therapy

    Fees starting at $65 +

    Fees are recommended by our association and adjusted according to the requirements of our private practice. 

    Please email for pricing

    Direct Billing or e-receipts available for benefit plans 


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