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Indian Head Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage Therapy is a focused treatment of the scalp, neck, face & shoulders. This incredibly relaxing massage is scheduled as a 30minute session, providing profound results for those suffering from headaches,sinusitis associated with allergies or neck tension. Techniques are applied with a specialized lotion blended with extracts of true lavender, cypress, mint & juniper to transform the body & mind. An oil free, antioxidant rich formula lotion is applied for the face region to protect the delicate skin.
Clients can remain fully dressed for this type of treatment if preferred.


To enhance relief, add Facial Cupping to your Indian Head Massage for complete drainage and soft tissue treatment, with special focus over the sinuses located on both sides of the nose and just above the eyebrows. Relieve swelling and discomfort, especially if done twice per week

face cupping.jpg


  • $57.52 +hst = $65

    Direct Billing or e-receipts available for insurance reimbursement.

    Enhance your appointment ~ add on (Pls call to book combination services)

    *Facial Cupping extra 15mins $10 add
    Stimulate sinus release and deeply relax the dense muscles of the jaw.

    *Eucalyptus Facial Steam Wrap $15 add

    *Warm Hydrating Foot Wraps $15 add


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