Massage Therapy at Hands on Health Niagara Port Colborne

Thermal Palms Massage Therapy

Thermal Palms can be added to any type of massage to include the element of soothing heat to your treatment. These hand held modalities are found to be most beneficial providing a positive response with targeted massage treatments and yet ideal for stress reduction massage as heated techniques
seemingly melt away tension & pain.

*Please note: The automated booking system will block 30 minutes of initial preparation time for all FULL BODY Thermal bookings, therefore treatment time will actually begin 30 minutes into the reserved appointment time. 
The heating process is ideal when activated immediately prior to treatment. You are welcome to arrive during the preparation time and enjoy a complimentary herbal tea while you wait or lounge on your heated table for some quiet time before treatment.


Receipts are provided for extended health care benefits. Direct Billing offered.



  • 30min(3-4 palms) $54.87+hst = $62

    45min (3-5 palms) $72.57+hst = $82   

    60min Half Body (6-8 palms) $84.96+hst = $96

    60min Full Body (9-11 palms) $89.38+hst = $101

    75min Half Body (6-8 palms) $105.31+hst = $119

    75min Full Body (9-11 palms) $110.62+hst = $125

    90min (custom amount of palms) $115.05+hst = $130


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Direct Billing offered for Extended Health Care Benefits

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